Less Gamedev, More Writing

So following on from my last post about less distraction, more creativity how does some one put down their game development gloves and focus entirely on writing. But for me and for Ad Liberum it’s imperative, which is why I’ve decided to put down the gloves while I focus on building up the world of Ad Liberum, from events to expanding on the characters and more.

Ultimately my original plan was to have a world so expansive anyone could use it to create something, be  it a game, book or even a film (hey we can all dream can’t we)!

So, once more this is now my focus, after a rather major but necessary deviation at the same time. I’m looking to build a world that I can use more than once, not just for one end-product and one that can easily be expanded upon as I see fit.

Let’s see how I get on, I may well have to mess about with a few sideline game dev projects in order to keep my desire to tinker and see things building, if for nothing else but to satiate my life-long addiction.

To help I’m using the official wiki at data.adliberum.com and will get started simply by writing entries for different locations, characters and events that have already occurred (the lore / history).

One of the best things about this approach is that the world should expand at a good rate and can be tweaked easily if needed as entries are written and linked to other topics relative. Breathing natural life to itself.

But the best thing? I can edit the wiki where ever I want using my tablet == Less computer time, more design time.

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