GameDev Framework/s – The Adliberum Project

My aim is to create a series of gamedev framework/s alongside working out the best way to tackle Ad Liberum take 2.

I hope to make these framework/s available to all creatives {including myself} not limited to games to use in whatever capacity they desire whether its for a book, for game dev, a film or board game etc.

The frameworks I will concentrate on initially will include;

AND eventually I’d like to expand into a few game genres such as;


The Idea Behind The Frameworks

The idea with the frameworks is to give creatives a reference; to save them mapping out some of the core elements and to get their creative juices flowing. The amount of times I’ve gone to create an RPG game and stumbled at the sheer research alone is the main reason I’m creating the frameworks.

Plus offering reference to characters and creatures, plots, locations, weapons, items, quests and more to be used or expanded upon.

Over time I will be looking to map out the world of Colonia {world of Ad Liberum} and two other potential worlds Felmount {fantasy} and E.D.E.N. {scifi / steampunk} in a similar light.

PLUS it will not only give myself material for my own future creations but will also allow other creatives the opportunity to use the worlds too.

The Future Of The Frameworks

Who knows if they grow quickly enough I may even look at sourcing physical models, sound effects and more to cross promote. But for now, it’ll be simply text.

Other areas of expansion could also include generating working mechanics systems such as crafting, spells and more to help fill those all important gaps.

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