AdLiberum Reborn


One day while I was trying to plug away after a long break, think it must have been 10 days without PC access, followed by a further 15…. it suddenly hit me that Ad Liberum was actually steering away from my original vision.

It was becoming too action-focused and I wasn’t happy with where I found myself taking it. It wasn’t what had been manifesting in my head for so long.

I’d let go of the reins and let the project steer “itself” too much.

So after much deliberation I decided to reboot the project.

AND now it’s being reborn as a text “heavy” adventure….. But wait for it, multiplayer! Designed to either be played single player or CO-OP, everyone in the world has their own agenda / mission, for OR against the objectives. But who can you really trust?

It’s not planned to be entirely text oriented but text will certainly take a strong prominence initially in early development with graphical elements / other media added to help complement the experience over time.

The main vision of the game is one where information and intel hold true power. I want, what you know and what you don’t to make a massive difference. Too many times I’ve played games where you read something and none of it really matters.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere!

If you read of a weakness I want the player to be able to take advantage of that. I want you to be able to research players and build dossiers as you go, OR discover text detailing the location of a cache, which you can actually go find and liberate.

Being able to research AND maintain a central database of information that aids you as you play / explore will be key to providing the depth.

My aim: provide a “total freedom” & “open world” text “heavy” adventure system that doesn’t restrict a players creativity

  • 1 of the most important focuses with #adliberum: lose the “I don’t understand that / You cant do that” in text adventures of old!
  • Cater to different languages and language styles
  • Allow multiple means to achieving the same result / achieving game objectives
  • Make it accessible: voice recognition, voice synthesis, macro keys and more…

To make the development cycle easier on myself I’m looking to provide interested player/s a selection of mini scenarios to a) whet their appetite and b) introduce them to the Ad Liberum, the engine itself I’ll be developing in a way that it could be used for any genre / setting.

This will also help speed up the development process PLUS create a board-game style pick-up-ability with you being able to play with friends / people across the world that you don’t know.

Leader? Liberator? Enslaver? Assassin? The only person you can really trust is yourself!

Ultimately I want to do Ad Liberum the justice it deserves by presenting it in a way that maximises on depth and keeps it in line with “info” being the core focus.

However, a text heavy game is undoubtedly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but to those that are looking for an involving experience Ad Liberum will stand out, graphics or not. Depth is key. Creative freedom is paramount AND information as they say.. is power.

Follow the official IndieDB page at


Try the demo at

ENTER QUADSEC: 0666 (v. early access)

Active call-signs you can use are: H, Carter, Deleon, Badmek, Benix, OR Sadie.

[ALL feedback at this point will also be gratefully received and much appreciated to help create the best experience I possibly can]

Please note: as development progresses those that choose to play as Deleon will be granted a different means to controlling / interacting with the world.

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