1. Goto http://adliberum.com
  2. Enter a username
  3. Use commands to interact / navigate the world..
    • take / drop [object]
    • n, s, e, w
    • ne, nw, se, sw
    • u / d
    • open / close [objects / exits … i.e. open n OR open locker]
  4. Have fun!
  5. Report bugs! 😉


ITS ALSO WORTH CHECKING WHAT YOU NEED TO RUN #adliberum multiplayer (single player will be available to all devices)


http://caniuse.com/#search=webrtc to see what devices support WebRTC, the communication technology adliberum uses (currently).


Ok fair to say massive progress has been made, but largely the new iteration of #adliberum and its engine are going to need a lot of road-testing (predominantly from a multi-player perspective) which you can help with.

First things first you need to understand how it works a little.

Each session (in future) will require a host.

Think of them as GM or Games Master like if you were playing a game of Heroquest or Dungeons and Dragons.

The host handles all the relaying, updating etc.

So when you visit http://www.adliberum.com and launch a session … IF no-one else is there before you, you will automatically be made the host… currently, the host is unable to do anything. In time they will be able to oversee the game.

However IF there is already a host, you will join as a player. You will be placed within the world / location and will be able to interact fully.

However to help test it, IF you’re the only host, you can launch a second or more to actually test it!

SO if you login and find you’re alone to test you will need to Launch three separate copies of http://www.adliberum.com – I do this simply by using 3 browser tabs.

  • 1 for host (which I minimise in background)
  • 2 players for testing.


Currently the default map is an Abandoned Factory (map name 0666)

Once you’ve loaded you then need to enter your username OR any of the currently available prefab call-signs from the table below AND hit ENTER.

badmek, benix, carter, deleon, farias, h, hack, hale, sadie or sharpe

Then once you’re in you’ll be presented within the map and you will see your playing piece on the map! No-one else will show (as currently they won’t show until they make their first move — over time this will be affected by your knowledge of them / their last recorded location [that you are aware of] )

Once you’re in you will be able to interact with the world with various commands (available) listed below for you to reference.


also work long i.e. north

  • take / drop [object]
  • n, s, e, w
  • ne, nw, se, sw
  • u / d
  • open / close [objects / exits … i.e. open n OR open locker]

When moving around the map OR performing actions, you send messages to the host who broadcasts the message to all those in the area to update them of the map changes.

Have fun, but remember I’m looking for bugs, so please feel free to pass them my way!

Best, Liam

My aim is to create a series of gamedev framework/s alongside working out the best way to tackle Ad Liberum take 2.

I hope to make these framework/s available to all creatives {including myself} not limited to games to use in whatever capacity they desire whether its for a book, for game dev, a film or board game etc.

The frameworks I will concentrate on initially will include;

AND eventually I’d like to expand into a few game genres such as;


The Idea Behind The Frameworks

The idea with the frameworks is to give creatives a reference; to save them mapping out some of the core elements and to get their creative juices flowing. The amount of times I’ve gone to create an RPG game and stumbled at the sheer research alone is the main reason I’m creating the frameworks.

Plus offering reference to characters and creatures, plots, locations, weapons, items, quests and more to be used or expanded upon.

Over time I will be looking to map out the world of Colonia {world of Ad Liberum} and two other potential worlds Felmount {fantasy} and E.D.E.N. {scifi / steampunk} in a similar light.

PLUS it will not only give myself material for my own future creations but will also allow other creatives the opportunity to use the worlds too.

The Future Of The Frameworks

Who knows if they grow quickly enough I may even look at sourcing physical models, sound effects and more to cross promote. But for now, it’ll be simply text.

Other areas of expansion could also include generating working mechanics systems such as crafting, spells and more to help fill those all important gaps.

So following on from my last post about less distraction, more creativity how does some one put down their game development gloves and focus entirely on writing. But for me and for Ad Liberum it’s imperative, which is why I’ve decided to put down the gloves while I focus on building up the world of Ad Liberum, from events to expanding on the characters and more.

Ultimately my original plan was to have a world so expansive anyone could use it to create something, be  it a game, book or even a film (hey we can all dream can’t we)!

So, once more this is now my focus, after a rather major but necessary deviation at the same time. I’m looking to build a world that I can use more than once, not just for one end-product and one that can easily be expanded upon as I see fit.

Let’s see how I get on, I may well have to mess about with a few sideline game dev projects in order to keep my desire to tinker and see things building, if for nothing else but to satiate my life-long addiction.

To help I’m using the official wiki at data.adliberum.com and will get started simply by writing entries for different locations, characters and events that have already occurred (the lore / history).

One of the best things about this approach is that the world should expand at a good rate and can be tweaked easily if needed as entries are written and linked to other topics relative. Breathing natural life to itself.

But the best thing? I can edit the wiki where ever I want using my tablet == Less computer time, more design time.


With so many distractions and no real desire to stop allowing ourselves to be distracted it’s a wonder anyone achieves anything.

I’ve spent the last month or so with practically ZERO pc usage due to lifes’ distractions, so when I fired the PC back up today it wasn’t long before I started feeling depressed… as it finally dawned on me just how much time I have probably spent doing what I call ‘faffing’, staring at the screen, being indecisive in direction, not doing anything, fiddling with desktop icons or setting up a new background, scanning endlessly through your twitter feed. Checking emails. That sort of thing.

Unfortunately WE are our own worst enemy because distraction gives us a buzz, it fuels us, yet it demotivates us without us knowing but at the same time whilst making us feel as though we’re moving in some direction. It makes us feel busy, if 9 times out of 10 idly.

So why is it we get distracted so much?…. well for me I feel that it certainly doesn’t help that computers started off with simple intentions and goals and have ended up being designed to handle multiple processes. As you see this is a major design flaw because while computers can handle multiple things and endless processes, we’re still not very good at it as humans, which makes us want to do more with our PC’s thus opening a massive can of indecisiveness and faffing.

If all your computer could do was write, you’d write, if all it could do was be used to read, you’d read more.

However this is not the case, we can surf the net, play games, talk to people we know, talk to people we don’t, check out the news, update our myriad of shrines to ourselves we’ve crafted (a distraction in itself) and on and on and on…

If only we could place stringent limiters on our computers to stop us being able to perform ‘distractions’ perhaps we’d get more ‘creative’ stuff done but one things for sure, fighting off distraction is like trying not to lust, or love or to fight against our own true emotions. Distraction comes in so many forms and guises. For example I could quite easily delete all the games off my hard-drive but then if I wanted to play a game, I’d either a) install one, or b) get distracted by the console instead. Or the phone would get used OR perhaps the tablet. Replacement therapy would almost certainly kick in!

PLUS it’s WAY too natural a notion and urge to shun. Even with discipline, distraction will always rear its ugly head in some form or another.

On the flip side, distraction is healthy at the same time as without it we’d simply end up mindless zombies slaving away on the same things, day in day out with out ever steering from the path, distraction-less.

So on that note all we can do is try to opt for healthy distraction OR perhaps just well-timed distraction.

How do you manage distraction? does it affect you? does it prevent you from being ‘creative’?


Alongside finding the time to actually sit down and read!! Creative writing is an area I’m looking towards more and more as I age, and a creative aspect I wish I’d spent time exploring it more earlier.

I feel that by concentrating time on both of these it will also directly improve my game development and re-awaken my creative mind that has been slumbering for far too long now!

Who would have thought that two of the first things one learns in life, I would end up having to relearn at level 34!

So, here’s to more time spent reading and writing!

Watch this space!